Third & Bird Sale

Going to the Third+Bird holiday sale? Want a more relaxed shopping experience with the best selection, plus a gift just for coming early? Pick up some early bird pre-shop tix! https://www.facebook.com/thirdandbird/posts/1386354224725338:0

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Winnipeg Free Press Article on F&F

Check it out! A little article about f&f’s history and my bronze win in the great mb food fight! Flora in bloom As Kimberley Bialkoski has learned, a bout of bad luck may push you in the right direction. The West End resident recently won the Great Manitoba Food Fight bronze package for her line…

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Great Manitoba Food Fight

EXCITING NEWS!!! flora & farmer has been selected as one of the finalists to compete in the great manitoba foodfight with my applekraut! As part of the competition, I need to present the kraut in a dish, and while I have a few ideas, it never hurts to have a few more. How do you…

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Now Entering Pickleville

Now entering pickleville! Tomorrow these lil crunchies from Food Ethos Farm will be jarred up with white wine vinegar, mint, lime, and enough gin to impress Ernest Hemingway to create mojito gin pickles! Fresh and bright, they taste like rays of sunshine! Seriously, I don’t know how else to describe them….

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F&F markets this weekend!

Holy moly! Another busy weekend around the bend for f&f! Find me at pineridge hollow farmers market tomorrow (Saturday), from 9:00-1:00! Take a drive, stop by the market, have a bite to eat at the beautiful pineridgehollow, then hit the beach for a perfect day! If you can’t make it there, find me at the…

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Yum Noodles!

So much yum! I was craving noodles (cuz when am I not!) and looking for an easy meal for a hot summer day. I have a glut of thai basil and cukes in my garden and half a jar of pineapple, jalapeño & coconut leftover from yesterday’s awesome market. Threw together a quick and fresh…

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