Ciao Magazine features flora & farmer

Today hasn’t just been Good Friday for me, it’s been THE BEST Friday!
The newest issue of @ciaowinnipeg has just been released and I’ve been on cloud 9 after seeing the feature on flora & farmer!🤩 Find at locations around the city or online at

Maybe I’m a big ol’ nerd, but honestly, this is a bit of a dream come true and it feels so wonderful to be recognized by a publication that I’ve been following since I was a teenager! 🤓
Massive thank you to Kelsey Schaefer and @ciaowinnipeg for the wonderful story, Carolyn Sabourin at for the gorgeous headshot (I’ve never looked so beautiful!), and Dwayne Larson for the blueberry basil photo.👌

I’m especially grateful for the timing of this, and it’s so fantastic that soonish-to-open @preserve_store will now be on the radar of so many local food lovers!