July Preserve of the Month – Simply Haskap and…

It’s July!
And there’s not one, but 2 new varieties for the limited-edition preserve of the month!
I was super excited and curious to try a brand new fruit to Canada, the haskap, or honey berry.
Developed at the university of Saskatchewan for the Canadian prairies, it looks like a large oblong blueberry, and has a tart flavour, like a cross between a raspberry and blackberry and it is delicious!
The health benefits are incredible- by far the highest antioxidant values out of any fruit, more vitamin C than oranges, anti-inflammatory and cancer inhibiting properties.
Because I had never even tried one prior to driving out to @riverbendorchards last week, I had no clue how to pair it in a spread, so I’ve perhaps done my most shocking variety so far- no combination! Just haskap, sugar, and a splash of lemon juice. So you can try these superfood berries for just themselves and get familiar with them.
But I couldn’t resist playing around a little, so I also combined some with ginger and a splash of Frangelico. They’re both wonderful and they’re both now of the shelves @preserve_store! @ Preserve by flora & farmer