Preserve by flora & farmer – Opening Day !

Opening day at Preserve by flora & farmer was totally INCREDIBLE!!!
A HUGE thank you to everyone that popped by to check out the shop, you blew my expectations away!
I felt so much love for all my hard work in bringing this dream to life, your compliments and awe of the bright little shop were so wonderful and assuring (I didn’t know if others would appreciate my somewhat eclectic colour choices!)
Big thanks to @kevinkowalchuk for being the first customer through the doors (hope you enjoy your gift basket!) and the first couple photos here- the landmark moments of my sign being turned over for the very first time and my first sale of the day (thanks @sherrierauth 😘)!
Also a big smooch going out to Hildegard’s Bakery, for the absolutely gorgeous arrangement (and everything they’ve done to help me), and also my momma and auntie and Peter of @gourmetinspirations for their congratulatory gifts. 😘
Yesterday was my first day off in over 40 days, and I spent it recouping by sleeping the entire day and night (almost 20 hours!), except for a couple hours to eat some Chinese takeout and take in some Netflix. I haven’t felt this rested in months!🤩
Today’s my first regular day open, and it’s been great so far. I’m pretty extroverted and seeing and chatting with people brings me such happiness and energy. This is where I needed to be and what I needed to do to have a career that truly fulfills me, mentally, emotionally, and creatively and I look forward to my future here. ❤️❤️❤️
@ Preserve by flora & farmer